Have you been looking for a way to make a difference in your church, city and world, besides prayer and financial gifts? Do you have specific skills and talents that could benefit your church? Now, the most important question: Are you willing to volunteer your time and talent to help people experience the Life, Light and Love of God? If so, then this is your personal invitation to become a Parklawn “MVP.”

In sports analogies, we call on our best players to get up off the bench, make a difference and get into the game to contribute so that we all score points and win a “victory.” MVPs are people who have become Ministry Volunteer Partners here at Parklawn Assembly of God. They serve in every aspect of the church - from parking lot, greeters, ushers, security, beautification, grounds and maintenance, musicians, vocalists, drama, dance, children and youth workers, teachers and counselors, coaches and office organizers... You name it! If you’re passionate about it and skilled at it, you can become a Parklawn MVP.

MVP’s are the most valued people to the pastoral leadership. Together we are partnering in fulfilling the Mission, Vision, and Purpose of Parkalwn Assembly of God. Together we are helping people experience the Life, Light and Love of God at our church. Together let’s “COME” and Cover Our Ministry Entirely.

So, connect even closer to God by using your God-given talents for His church. Connect to the leaders of Parklawn in the fulfillment of the church's Mission and Vision. Connect to other people who, like you, are Partners in the ministry. Come and connect.

Complete a Volunteer Form or contact the MVP Administration Team Today!