Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord catapults individuals into a life filled with new learning, new experiences, and new relationships. It’s a call to discipleship that is different than anything the world could ever present. It is a commitment to endless new beginnings with countless opportunities to witness God do amazing things (Ps. 126:3). It is a call to a life of faith, one in which individuals become comfortable with not having all the answers or having all the ability. Instead, they trust the One who does have the answers and who does have the ability. Abraham is one person of note in the scriptures whose life demonstrates this faith. It all began with a command from God for Abraham to leave the familiar (Gen. 12:1-3). It seemed to be the most random way introduction and instruction. Yet, God had a master plan for Abraham that resulted in numerous blessings. In the same way, God is calling you to leave much of what you know or think you know and be willing to trust Him when and where it’s unfamiliar and unpredictable. He wants you to discover things that you’d otherwise never know and achieve things that you’d otherwise never be able to do. There’s more that God has for you, but you must be willing to journey, “Into the Unknown”.

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