"Live is better connected"

This vision is to create Life groups in member’s homes and in the community, where men and women can receive care and encouragement to live a lifestyle of prayer, biblical study, and sharing of faith so they may encounter Gods presence, experiencing the love of Christ, so that you may in turn demonstrate that same love to others.

What is a Life Group?

A group of people that meet regularly in the homes of PAOG members or other locations in the community. These groups share in times of fellowship, prayer, biblical life discussion, discipleship, and engage in service projects throughout the year.

Who should join a Life Group?

Every member and potential member of PAOG as well as others you’re reaching for Christ.

Why go to a Life Group?

  1. To pray, fellowship, build relationships, invite people who need to encounter the presence of Jesus.
  2. To grow in faith in the context of caring community.
  3. To be discipled so that you may disciple others. It is part of the vision of Parklawn to bring Life by fulfilling the great commission (to go into all the world and make disciples.)

Women’s Life Group

Min. Ruby Williams is a teacher by profession with a M.Ed. and Master’s in Administration and Instructional Leadership both from Alverno College. She is a mother of three, also raised two younger sisters and one younger brother. She has 28 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh. She loves serving God’s people! Her daily goal is to live her life to be with Jesus for eternal life.

Min. Ruby’s life group consist of diverse age of women ranging from late 20’s to early 70’s. They love to get the perspective of wisdom from all age groups. They love to study the WORD of GOD and learn and gain new insights from each other. Together, they are very dependable and supportive group mentally, physically, and spiritual, praying always for each other and God’s people all over the world. They have a deep love for God, and a deeper desire to learn all we can about the WORD. We are a family of women learning and serving God, being led by the Holy Spirit!

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 1st Sunday of the Month, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Contact Information: Williams.irene44@gmail.com

Men’s Life Group

Elder Albert Washington has been married to his lovely wife, Betty for over 40 years. Together, they share a son. He has been a faithful member of Parklawn Assembly of God for over 22 years and currently serves on the Elder Board. Elder Washington retired from Rockwell Automation after 25 years as a technician.

Life groups are a great tool for caring for the congregation. Life groups allows for more in-depth learning and understanding of the word of God. It also connects you closer with other believers in your church. You obtain a better understanding of the needs of your fellow believers. It also can serve as a vehicle for sharing the gospel to unbelievers. The healthier your life group, the healthier the church will be.

As a life group leader, Elder Washington sees a need for more men to be connected. With his experience, he can help men become more rooted and grounded in the faith.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

Contact Information: albwashington@yahoo.com

Women’s Life Group

Dr. Charlotte Greer is passionate about seeing the Lord’s women and children of all generations living at their fullest God-given potential. Those who know Dr. Greer will often hear her say she is honored to call herself “Servant” and that she is God’s hands and feet extended in the earth. You can often find her volunteering in the inner city of Milwaukee with populations that are at a disadvantage. Currently, she serves at her home church, Parklawn Assembly of God as Facilitator of an Intergenerational Life Group for the past seven years, The Sisterhood Spiritual Growth and Development Coordinator, Prayer Intercessor, and Co-founder of The Turn Around Foundation, INC.

Life Groups are important to Dr. Greer because they serve as a catalyst for discipling women to disciple other women for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. She believes that all women should participate in a Life Group because they are a spiritual lifeline where women build trusting relationships and do life together. Dr. Greer’s vision is that through prayer, fasting, biblical and relevant teaching, each woman who participates in this Life Group will live a life surrendered to God, disciple other women and ignite his purpose for her life.

Dr. Greer has been married to her groom, Carl Greer since 1991. Together they have two adult sons, Carl Jr., and Cory. They have been members of Parklawn Assembly of God for over 20 years.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Virtual or Teleconference Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 6:35-7:30 p.m.

Eventually, this Life Group will return to meeting in person.

Contact Information: drcharlottegreer@gmail.com

Women’s Life Group

Bernita Wright has been a member of Parklawn Assembly of God for more than 10 years. She has been apart of a Life Group Love for more than eight years and has recently became the leader. Bernita serves in various areas of Parklawn and found that the Worship Ministry and Life Group Love as the most rewarding. Life Group Love has become a place of refuge for her. Life Group Love is a safe place to share life experiences, a place to draw strength and courage. As we venture into the new year Life Group Love will continue to be intentional about meeting the needs of others through spiritual guidance and instructions, volunteering and participating in community events, adopting a ministry and providing support such as donations and participation. Most importantly we will continue to be the example of Parklawn’s existence bringing light, life and love to the world.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 3rd Sunday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information: Parklawnlifegrouplove@gmail.com

Men’s Life Group

Harold Turner, Jr. is a native of Milwaukee. He is the married father and grandfather of three children and six grandchildren. Harold served in the National Guard and has retired from the Milwaukee County Juvenile Corrections.

Upon joining Parklawn in 2012, Harold wanted to be more than just a member after hearing a message by Bishop Harvey where he preached about “The Body of Christ”! He recognized that Parklawn needs all parts of the body in order to function. After volunteering on the Security Team, Harold became the Security Coordinator in 2018 where he still holds that position.

Over the years, Harold has been a member of several life groups where tight bonds were formed. In a life group, activities such as bible study, going out to eat or overnight excursions can take place that help bring us closer to each other and closer to God. Life Groups are needed to help us to grow spiritually and keep us spiritually connected.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 9:30 a.m.

Contact Information: hturner@parklawnag.org

Women’s Life Group

Benetria McGowan is a Milwaukee native and mother of three amazing children. She has a passion for helping others and being an advocate for people who need to hear their voices heard. Benetria is an avid reader, loves naps and street ministry as well as spending quality time with her loved ones.

Benetria is the owner of Aspired Ink, a business that specializes in creating sustainable shirts and futures by teaching the youth and families social emotional intelligence through the arts and entrepreneurship. She is also the founder of Gifted Youth Plaza, a non-profit that helps youth discover their God given talents and abilities.

This life group targets, but is not limited to, women entrepreneurs or women that are aspiring to become entrepreneurs, all are welcomed. Life groups are important because they embody what the church of Acts looked like in the Bible. It’s a place to come together and dig deeper into the things of God. The unique design of this particular group is the focus on making sure you know what God has equipped you with for the market place. You can expect to learn more about entrepreneurship from a biblical lens and tap in to how God will allow your gifts to make room for you. Child care will be available if needed.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 2nd Friday of the Month, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Contact Information: benetriamcgowan@yahoo.com

Women’s Life Group

Davinia Gordon leads a life group that focuses on women in business or those that need encouragement to get started with entrepreneurship. Life groups are important to Davinia because it gives people the opportunity to glorify God and serve others by operating in your gifts and talents in the marketplace. In this life group, you’ll have a fun, engaging, creative and safe space to learn, grow, and be yourself as we navigate through the different seasons of business together as a team!

Davinia looks forward to serving you soon!

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Contact Information: anoyntedvessel@gmail.com

Women’s Life Group

Brittany Williams is originally from St. Louis, MO and works in the health field. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, sewing and spending time with her BFF. Brittany loves serving women and building close net relationships.

Transitioning from a small church to a big church can be challenging. Life Groups are important as it helps you not to get lost or feel alone. It’s a way to build relationships and friendships.

By joining Brittany’s life group, you can expect honesty, trust, loyalty, love, kindness, hugs and confidentiality. This life group is a safe space and Brittany is there to listen. Together, you’ll grow stronger in the Word and do life with one another.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 2nd Thursday of the Month, 5:00-6:00 p.m. via Zoom

Contact Information: msbrittanywilliams29@icloud.com

Men’s Life Group

Martise Teague is a man of God who loves to serve. He served his country as a Navy sailor and at Parklawn on the Security Team. By trade, he has been a service plumber for over 14 years. Serving is what he loves doing!

Life groups are important to Martise because not only is it what Jesus would do, but just as importantly, it gives “The Brothers” the opportunity to bond, form Godly relationships by being transparent and build one another up without shame of being different from one another.

Serving as a life group leader is an opportunity for him to give back, to help others grow together as men of God and experience healthy relationships with one another. The Word says as “iron sharpens iron so shall we sharpen and strengthen one another” and he believes that this is a blessing for us to be able to just that. Amen.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every other Saturday, 10:30 a.m.

Contact Information: Justus.doyall@gmail.com

Marriage Life Group

Telly and Katie have been married for 15 years and have one son and one godson. Telly and Katie love to help people reach their goals in life and in marriage. They care about the souls that God has allowed them to reach and touch. They love to do life together with people no matter what color or religious lifestyle they have, we just love people.

Telly and Katie lead a close net life group that welcomes new couples to join them. They love to share their success and not so good experiences with each other. Marriage is work and it’s also a partnership that must be cultivated in a Christ like matter.

They look forward to meeting you!

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 1st Friday of the Month via Zoom

Contact Information: katiekjt53209@aol.com

Women’s Life Group

Farina Brooks is a married mother and grandmother of two children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Farina is also a cancer survivor.

As a longtime member of Parklawn, she joined a life group because she had a desire to become stronger in her walk with Christ and establish relationships with other women within the church. She enjoys being a life group leader. As a leader, you build relationships and help others in your group to grow in the Word and to learn more about each other. Life groups encourage you to do life with one another.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month, 10:00-11:00 p.m. virtually

Contact Information: 414-839-9481 or farinabrooks@yahoo.com

Women’s Life Group

Min. Daphne Alexander is a Commissioned Minister at Parklawn Assembly of God. She has been loving and serving the Lord for 24 years. She absolutely loves serving God and His people. She finds it is a great joy to see people grow in the Lord. Min. Daphne became a life group leader when she the Lord calling her to start a life group. When the Lord calls, her answer is “Yes Lord!” Her hope is that everyone that attends her life group will come to build new relationships with other sisters in Christ, grow in biblical knowledge and learn how to apply the Word of God in your everyday life. So come, grow, and go! God will meet us wherever we are in life but He loves us so much that He will never leave us there.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every Tuesday, 6:00-7:00 p.m., In-person

Contact Information: dalexander@parklawnag.org

Marriage Life Group

Ministers Gary and Tranaise Scott have been members of Parklawn Assembly of God for over 16 years. It did not take long for them to discern the need to get involved. Although they have been married for several years, they recognized that they had missed/skipped some steps in building a strong foundation for their marriage. They started taking the “Prepare for Marriage” class and the natural progression for them was joining a life group.

Min. Gary and Min. Tranaise believe that joining a life group was the most important decision they ever made to further develop their relationship with God as well as with each other. If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself along with other like-minded people, they would love for you to join their life group.

Life Group Meeting Time:

Every Friday at 6:30 p.m.

Contact Information: marriage@parklawnag.org

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