The Tabernacle of David

Praise and worship is a powerful phenomenon ordained by the Lord. God responds when people genuinely honor Him in with singing and music, whether it’s the glorious sounds of the Levites ministering in the Tabernacle or Paul and Silas praying and praising in prison. Among the many truths that the Lord has restored to His people, praise and worship is among the most misunderstood. Therefore, the October and November sermon series will focus on, “The Tabernacle of David”. David was a king, a warrior, and a worshipper. He understood how to honor God. He established a pattern years ago that still has import and benefits today. Revelation concerning David’s tabernacle is the foundation to a blissful life of intimacy with God and strategic warfare against the forces of hell. Don’t miss the teachings in this series. Your praise and worship will never be the same!

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