Dr. Arrington's Reading Corner- The Wind of God

“He causes the clouds to rise over the earth. He sends the lightning with the rain and releases the wind from his storehouses.” -Psalm 135:7 (NLT)

The Wind of God

Evil afflicts every city. Its presence seems ubiquitous and at times overwhelming. The media intensifies the influence of evil through sensationalism and constant inundation of “bleeding story” after “bleeding story”. Residents seek answers. Officials scramble to find them.

In fictional cities such as Metropolis and Gotham City, the people cry out for caped crusaders named Superman and Batman respectively. These two have either superhuman strength or super bank accounts and superior technology that they leverage to ward off enemies of humanity. While very intriguing, these characters are just that—characters. They are not real and therefore those beset with real issues cannot rely on them for help. To whom then will people turn?

The Lord God is the ultimate Avenger (Exodus 6:6), and He uses the resources of heaven to bring remedy to earth’s ills. He uses ordinary people. God has real, ordinary people that He’s given real power to bring about real solutions to real problems. He wants to dispatch these “heroes” to deal with evil and present darkness.

One of the resources that God uses to combat evil is His wind. God releases the wind from heaven. In Exodus, God used the east wind to bring locusts to devastate Egypt (Exodus 10:13). Later He used a west wind to remove them (Exodus 10:18-19). When it was time to cross the Red Sea, God used a strong east wind to part the waters (Exodus 14:21-22). The wind of God has to do with His force, might, His omnipotence. It is the word ruach in Hebrew. It is his breath, his spirit. The wind of God invigorates. It blasts. It restores and refreshes. God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind so that the dry bones could live again (Ezekiel 37). In other words, God authorized a man to use heaven’s resources to accomplish His will.

Many of our cities in the United States, including Milwaukee, are filled with all manner of evil. These cities are like valleys of dry bones and in desperate need of heaven’s resources. They need the force of heaven. Similar to Ezekiel, God wants to raise up people who will prophesy to the wind and command life where there’s death. Akin to Moses, God wants a man or woman who will trust Him and obey. The scripture is clear, if we will yield, if we will partner with Him, the Lord will send His wind to judge and deliver.

With the wind of God, ordinary people become super and do extraordinary things. Pray to the Lord today. Ask Him for His wind!

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